Simon Purvis

Simon Purvis,


Chef Simon Purvis’ career has taken him all over the globe, from Berlin to Singapore. In each city, he immersed himself in the local cuisine and developed his menus around tastes that were already familiar there. So it is in Denver where Chef Purvis has become the executive chef of Four Seasons Hotel Denver and its EDGE steakhouse. The beef is from a Colorado ranch, the lamb from the Rocky Mountains, the striped bass from Alamosa, and much of the fruit is from Colorado’s Rocky Ford Valley. And, of course, there is plenty of game.

“Our menus offer a reason for our local clientele to come back often, and a way for our guests from afar to taste things that they can’t get back home,” says Purvis. His home, by the way, is Portsmouth, England, and he honors it with a mashed potato side dish that is a thoroughly updated take on bubble and squeak.

Given Purvis’ current location, it’s not surprising that his menus are heavy on beef. But the carpaccio is Kobe and the beef tartare is from grass-fed steer. Those steer also make EDGE the only restaurant in Denver serving a dry-aged Kansas City strip. One other thing you won’t find outside EDGE: a wood-burning grill, which is used to cook all its steaks.

Since EDGE is open for breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner, Chef Purvis has extended the steakhouse feel across all those meal times. He’s turned a classic eggs Benedict into Benny on EDGE with crispy pork belly, and put a buffalo burger on the lunch menu. Benny is back at Sunday brunch, joined by a barbeque boneless beef short ribs Benedict and buffalo hash with free-range eggs.

“We want people to feel as if EDGE is their home,” says Purvis. “It’s a place that they can come back to often, not just a special-occasion restaurant.”